ACM12 Follow-up Letter

Exciting 2016 Start – New Products and Price Reductions
July 18, 2016
Release of the NV75M / NV75MX Indoor Dual Mironel Optics
July 19, 2016

ACM12 Follow-up Letter

Following the feedback we received from some distributors in regards to the new ACM12 release, we decided to reinstate the 7-wire support and add all partition selections for arm/disarm by the reader.

At the same time, the price of the ACM12 will be adjusted for orders. This adjustment is necessary to reflect our cost, and we believe that the ACM12 is competitively priced at this level.

We will soon announce the release of an ACM14 with Anti-Passback and Interlock (SAS) features.

With Best Regards,