Exciting 2016 Start – New Products and Price Reductions

SD360 Smoke Detector is now CE and EN14604 Certified
July 18, 2016
ACM12 Follow-up Letter
July 19, 2016

Exciting 2016 Start – New Products and Price Reductions

I am pleased to start 2016 with exciting releases and price reductions. I would like, at the same time to wish you, your team, and families a happy and successful New Year. This letter announces the release of the NV780MX, PCS260 and PCS265, ACM12, and wireless price reductions. More exciting products will follow shortly in the next few weeks. February: NV780MR (wireless version), March: HD78 (replacement of HD77), NV75 – our extraordinary indoor anti-mask version and see-true detectors with three exciting versions, and more. The second quarter will continue with new product releases presenting the turnaround at Paradox – we intend to take the leadership in Security and CCTV integration by 2017. Our mission is set, and we know that all our distribution network has been waiting patiently for it to happen and I thank all our distributors for that.
The NV780MX is a modified, long awaited detector adding anti-mask and the latest digital process to our successful NV780 dual-curtain detector series. It offers new dual-side anti-mask detection – the best in the industry. Paradox’s anti-mask has been proven to be superior to approval requirements and the competition for blocking objects, lens spray, detection speed and false mask immunity. The new NV780MX anti-mask, developed for the outdoors, offers ultra-fast anti-mask detection of 20 seconds.

We also rewrote the digital detection code, which now offers “on the fly” processing with much faster and more accurate detection. Temperature compensation has been recalibrated and enhanced, resulting in fast and reliable detection within a wide temperature range.

If you have open orders for the NV780 and wish to change to NV780MX, please let us know. We expect to end production of the current NV(R)780 by April 1st. After this date, they will be discontinued and only the NV780MX and NV780MR will remain in production.

Please see this link for the NV780M Brochure.
The PCS260 communicator module delivers 3G communication. With certain markets losing support for 2G networks, the PCS260 provides the support for 3G networks. The PCS260 delivers faster speeds and has been designed to support the near future features of coming products.

The PCS265 is an RS-485 version able to communicate with the panels, using our CVT485 on the panel side, enabling the installation of the PCS265 up to 100m (300ft) from the panel. It uses low charging current to charge the included lithium-ion battery, with no need for connecting and purchasing external power supply, making it convenient and competitive, as well as simple to install. The battery will support continued communications for a few hours once charged.

Other features identical to the PCS250, for now...

Please see this link for the PCS260/265 Brochure.
The new ACM12 Access Door Controller offers full off-line access control, 10X access response, simplified programming and installation.

The new ACM12 will not support 7-wire readers due to very low demand, only RS-485 readers will be supported. Should you have the need for 7 wire reader support, we will consider

the release of separate version. The ACM12 V4.5 will work with EVO192 V4.5 and EVOHD 4.5, released together.

We have found that due to miscommunication between our R&D and our Marketing teams, we have released the PCS260/PCS265 cellular devices mistakenly as 3G communicators instead of 4G communicators.

We are using a cellular communicator capable of HSDPA with 4.6 Mbps upload speeds. In the security industry, it is described as a 4G generation (in technical engineering language it is in fact 3.75G).

Following comments from the field customers about unwilling to purchase 3G devices, we started to discuss upgrading possibilities when the above-mentioned was discovered.

I apologize for the confusion. Please note that all our marketing materials have been updated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The PCS260/265 will be available from now on with 4 models instead of selection of region, to avoid mistakes. PCS260A/PCS265A are the modules to be used in the Americas and PCS260E/PCS265E to be used worldwide.

We are currently looking to have a server, to be released in September, which finally allows access to our panels from iParadox via our cellular PCS devices.