New products information

Release of the NV75M / NV75MX Indoor Dual Mironel Optics
July 19, 2016
Spanish videos of new products
July 19, 2016

New products information

Dear Partner,

I am pleased to update you with the following:


Commercial samples of the NV780MR will be sent to you this week. As described in my previous letter, the wireless version includes the features of the NV780M with internal selectable 868 MHz or 433 MHz. please click here for brochure and for video. We all hope that you and your team will appreciate this product.

780MRC Rain cover

The rain cover for the NV780M will be sent to you next week or with your order. It will be packed in 5X per box, master box will include 10 boxes, 50 pieces.


I am pleased to inform you of the new reduced price for the 525DM.

NV35 New Lens and IR Clips

The new version of NV35 features better pet immunity and better reliability thanks to its new lens and FW. The new lens can be identified by its 4 segments in comparison to the old lens that had 5 segments). We added new “clips” as a solution when installed in proximity to shutters and such. The clips for now are add-ons when needed. In-cover molded “clips” will be available in July. Until the in-cover molded clips will be ready, we will ship two clips with every detector.

Lithium Batteries for Wireless Devices

Paradox wireless devices have always used high quality alkaline batteries that we have supplied. The advantage of these batteries is high power, high availability and very low price. However, compared to Lithium batteries, Alkaline has some disadvantages, such as low temperature performance, shorter life and probability of leaking after 4 years.

This is to confirm that Lithium batteries can be used in Paradox wireless products with 100% compatibility. Should you wish to buy the wireless battery-operated products from Paradox with Lithium batteries, please let us know and we will add this option to our products.